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Today is my favorite holiday of the year! For the first time in my life, I’m unable to celebrate the way I feel the holiday should be properly celebrated. In the USA I would be happily pulling out my fog machine, getting treats ready for the trick-or-treating kids, and preparing my costume. Here in China, [...]

Happy Halloween!

During our class we had the opportunity to demo the conveniences of using the Body Butter Base. This Body Butter is one of my favorites to use because it goes on easy and helps moisturize my hands and feet. A little goes a long way so I like to put this in the 1 oz [...]

Using the Body Butter Base

As I’ve been following the news about Hurricane Sandy and looking at pictures as the hurricane comes inland, I decided to check UPS for shipping alerts before the email hit my mailbox. I’ve included the text from their website regarding the service alerts. Monday, October 29, 2012 Severe weather due to Hurricane Sandy is causing some unavoidable [...]

UPS Shipping Alert! Hurricane Sandy

Rose Buds & PetalsIt is the last weekend before Halloween! It is time to finish preparing for parties, trick-or-treaters or just staying at home for peace and quiet. As Beijing prepares for just another week with little excitement, I sit back and remember a grocery store aisle in the USA that is purely dedicated to [...]

Freebie Friday!

Today I wanted to go over some terms that I have wondered about as part of my introduction to soapmaking. Now that I have quite a few batches under my belt I want to learn more about what I am doing. Since I am using the same recipe on all of my batches of soap [...]

Beginning Soap Lessons Day 4

Today I made another 6 batches of soap using the same recipe as Monday. I did these batches completely on my own without assistance. I felt a little more confident in my skills and took my time. Soap making requires more patience than making a batch of lotion or lip balm. There are more variables [...]

Soapmaking On My Own

Deanie only needs $ 2,000 to be completely funded for his unique muscle therapy. I wrote and told you about him the other day. Could we get your help to meet their goal in 24 hours? The Gift Certificate offer works like this: You buy a gift certificate for YOURSELF. You can give us a message [...]

Only 2,000 left!

There was such an overwhelming amount of comments and questions when I announced this week’s blog topic that I had to spend a day just answering questions. Thank you all so much for your support, thoughts, and questions! Jamie Greer asked: Is there a general rule of thumb to determine how much fragrance to use? Answer: Our [...]

Soapmaking Question and Answer