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Argan OilCan you believe that September is almost over? Sunday will be the last day of the month. I guess since you know what today is, you also know what happens today! Before I go on to the giveaway of the week, I have to give Joy a round of applause for sharing her formulating and [...]

Freebie Friday!

This is the last day of my Bottoms Up study. If you have been following along, I hope that you have been learning how to tweak and test your formulas (whatever they may be) to get the product that you want. I went crazy and added on some more ingredients today to see what that [...]

Bottoms Up Day 5

Do you remember wanting to race to the mail box to find out what was delivered? Was there anything for you? Andee is feeling this way in China. She wants a crazy mail day. Would you be interested in sending her a letter or postcard? All letters, cards or postcards being mailed to China require [...]

Crazy Mail Day

Here I am changing my recipe, yet again, to get the product that I want. Remember that you should never have to settle for anything! If you try a recipe and you like the basic ingredients but the viscosity, color, or texture isn’t quite what you wanted, change it! Today I am going to increase [...]

Bottoms Up Day 4

I’ve just received an email from UPS notifying us of a severe weather delay in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve attached the text of the email I received. Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Severe weather in Louisville, KY, at WorldPort, one of UPS’s primary hubs in the US, caused a significant disruption to operations in the US. As a result, [...]

UPS Shipping Alert!

Today I am adding some color to the baby ointment. I need to be careful not to put anything that will cause skin irritation in the formula. I chose Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil! If you have not used Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil before, let me say this is a brilliant orange color that definitely intensely colors anything [...]

Bottoms Up Day 3

Today I am working on refining my first formulation. To recap, I need to reduce the peculiar odor and color, and make the formula a little more viscous. To start I am going to drop out the Neem oil and reduce the percentage of Tamanu. I am also adding in some Soy Wax to thicken [...]

Bottoms Up Day 2

Do you have a baby or know someone that has a baby? Are you frustrated with the baby bottom ointments and creams available? As a mother, I know and understand these frustrations. The standard ointments available just do not seem to work well with a baby with sensitive skin, especially after an awful #2 diaper. [...]

Bottoms Up Day 1