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White Oval Lip Balm TubesIt’s time for another Freebie Friday! So many of you have found this week to be an inspiration for facial creams after Joy’s three part series about her Night Serum Testing. This week has been rough for those that have been affected by Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac and we will keep sending [...]

Freebie Friday!

I just received another notice from UPS about shipment disruptions due to recently downgraded Tropical Storm Isaac. I’ve attached the text of the email I received. Severe weather due to Tropical Storm Isaac is causing some unavoidable service delays in Mississippi and Louisiana. No pickups, deliveries, or On-Call Pickup® service are available in the ZIP Codes [...]

UPS Shipping Alert! Tropical Storm Isaac Update

Summer can be very enjoyable but … when you live in a desert and other places around the world get half or more of your annual rainfall average in one rainstorm, you really need some extra pampering with an emphasis on the moisturizing. With this need in mind, I formulated this thick body cream that [...]

Desert Summer Body Cream

This is the final day, Day 3 of my testing on the Night Serum formula. I ran 2 more tests today. I hope that these tests have been fun for you to read about. I find it interesting to see how much difference can be in a lotion by merely adjusting the percentages of ingredients [...]

Night Serum Day 3

Here we are on the second day! I have to say that this is the most adventuresome thing that I have done yet and I have really been enjoying it. This is my favorite day because Test 3 was my personal favorite! I like a good fluid, light lotion on my face in the summer. [...]

Night Serum Day 2

I just received a notice from UPS about shipment disruption in Louisiana due to severe weather. I’ve attached the text of the email I received. Severe weather due to Tropical Storm Isaac is causing some unavoidable service delays in Louisiana. No pickups, deliveries or On-Call Pickup® service are available in the ZIP codes listed below. Affected ZIP [...]

UPS Shipping Alert!

I love a good night serum for the face. We are going to do a 3-day study of this serum formula. We will be using the same ingredients each day, but we will change the percentages of the ingredients to see how the opacity, thickness, and so forth changes.Today we are doing 2 formulations. The [...]

Night Serum Day 1

Lilies Soap Mold It’s time for another Freebie Friday! This week has been lots of easy recipes for self pampering. I think that is perfect especially considering the school year is starting for so many people. Today we are giving away Transparent Melt & Pour Soap, Blueberry Seeds and a Lilies Soap Mold! Can you say scrubby [...]

Freebie Friday!

I wanted to make a lip scrub featuring our green tea butter. I was actually inspired by the Blueberry Lip Scrub Andee made a few weeks ago. I guess you could say that I am extremely adventurous. I especially want to know if there will be any green tea flavor. Come join me for this [...]

Green Tea Lip Scrub

Here in Utah we are always in need of something to put on our lips because it is so very dry here. So I came up with a recipe that is a treat for your lips! I used ingredients that I enjoy but are also simple and cost effective for those that don’t have a [...]

Buttercream Lip Oil Treatment

Finished SalveWith the insane heat and dryness we have had lately, my feet are in need of some intense foot care. I wanted to make a similar recipe that has been a favorite both with MMS staff, friends and customers. Come join me for a wonderful solution to dry skin. I promise you won’t want [...]

Intense Lanolin Foot Salve

Before I left for China, I made one last lotion in the blog kitchen. This lotion was meant to be light and soothing so I could give it as gifts to relatives and friends, people I had never met face to face before. My final lotion turned out to be fluid, easily absorbed with minimal [...]

Light Gift Lotion