Roses on Parade

Roses play a big part in a Chinese wedding. There is a large spray of red roses placed on the hood of the lead car which carries the bride and groom. Each subsequent car holds the important family members, in order of importance, and the caravan parade begins. Flashers are operating on all vehicles to indicate we are traveling together and the chain should not be broken.

The parade begins from the hotel or home of the family, it continues across town and around Tian’anmen Square, passing the home of the emperor. The objective is to gain well wishes for a long, healthy life together from the officials of China. Since China is no longer ruled by emperors there is no official to wave on the daily parades. The tradition has not been lost or forgotten. We were not the only car/caravan on parade that day. It was fun.

Roses belong in every line up of scents. The scent can easily be over powering so we suggest a test batch and to start light. It is much easier to say “Self, when you make Rose soap again, use more scent” than put the soap in the garage for a 2 year airing out.

Color your soap red, pink, mauve, yellow, peach or purple. Any color will do but don’t leave your soap white. The Chinese believe death is represented by the color white.


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  1. Thanks for another interesting post– I just love hearing about other cultures. That’s really interesting that the Chinese believe death is represented by the color white— all of my soaps are white!! Now I’m feeling inspired to start experimenting with some color…..

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