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The trip to China was incredible. Incredible! The food was amazing and plentiful. We had Peking duck and fell in love. We could not believe the price of such a thing! The whole bird was about $ 8 at a restaurant near our hotel. We had a great time ordering this. Taylor especially loved the [...]

Wow! We’re back!

Yesterday I promised that we would share some of our favorite childhood scents. I will begin with my list of favorite childhood scents and what fragrances I think match those memories. My parents kept honeybees when I was a child. I got to help with the harvesting of the honey each August. The whole house would [...]

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Steamed dumplings with rice wrappers.Recently at a late dim sum luncheon in Guangzhou, one of the dishes was a dumpling with a rice wrapper and vegetables inside. After taking a bite, I found that the dumpling had some herbs in it that tasted soapy to me. In the discussion that followed, we couldn’t decide if [...]

Flavors, Scents and Memories

Do you have family phrases that take on special meanings that are not related to the actual meaning? I think most people do. Families are a mesh of many experiences which make up who they are. We soap makers have our own phrases and our families have started to adopt our terminology in their everyday [...]

Hysterical Confusion

Roses play a big part in a Chinese wedding. There is a large spray of red roses placed on the hood of the lead car which carries the bride and groom. Each subsequent car holds the important family members, in order of importance, and the caravan parade begins. Flashers are operating on all vehicles to [...]

Roses on Parade

Beijing China has a lot of different views, odors and sounds. As we travel about the city there are many things I recognize and also things I don’t. The Chinese people value natural soaps and lotions. We gave wedding favors to all the guests of soaps and lip balms. The soaps were of many different colors [...]


The wedding is over and I’m sitting in my room just collecting my thoughts about today. I’m grateful to a team in the US called The Majestic Family. The crew at MMS made it possible to come to China to see my daughter’s wedding ceremony for her new Chinese family. Andee and Jerry are a [...]

The wedding was beautiful

Here are two family members hanging over the railing while waiting for our bus. Beijing is hustling at nearly all hours of the day. Mariah and Nick have decided the shopping and food are great reasons to visit China. They have both scored in the shopping areas. Do soapmakers ever leave their work behind? Each container [...]

A new photo to share