Quick Gifts to the Rescue! Lemon Sugar Body Cream

With summer here, I find myself in need of more quick gifts. I mean, there are impromptu BBQs, family reunions, holidays and more! I am also not the only one. I discovered my friends had the need for quick, easy, no sweat gifts too! To solve our collective problem, we got together before Memorial Day to mix up several jars of cream with our favorite scents. They even helped me make sample of Lemon Sugar Body Cream for shipping! Let me share how anyone can enjoy gift giving simplicity this summer!

1) Choose a base. I prefer our Body Cream Base because it is a wonderful cream that makes people with all skin types happy.

2) Choose a fragrance. I tend to fragrance lightly so so to offend people with sensitive noses.

3) Mix. Add any color if desired.

4) Package and label.

That is it! How easy!

Did you know we even have kits that you can get everything? They even come with labels! If you can think of a kit you would like, let us know. We will try to see what we can create. Note: We won’t be able to add any new kits to our catalog until July. However, your input is important to us. Tell us what you want!



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Quick Gifts to the Rescue! Lemon Sugar Body Cream, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Your body cream base is awesome! I use it on my feet every night–they get so dry by the end of the day. And I ust it on elbows and knees whenever they get dry. It’s a miracle cream!

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