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I just had to share how lovely our sage is looking at the moment. It is blooming right now! I love looking at it as I head into work each day. I got thinking about what I could use it in. If you had sage available to you, what would you make? I was thinking [...]

Our Sage is Blooming!

Let the chaos be cleared! Andee thinks she is leaving for a major excursion across China in mere days but this is the current state of the blog kitchen! Oh no! Please give Andee and Taylor some hints on how to clean this room and clean it fast. All comments on this blog will be entered [...]

Oh no! The countdown continues!

With me leaving for China in 9 days, I want to make sure I have my essentials for making all kinds of body treats while I am there. I have received some great ideas of what I need. This is what has made it to my list so far. Pipettes, Battery Operated Scale, Immersion Blender, [...]

A Soaper’s Essentials

Our vendor table at the HSMG Conference. I’ve been trying to sort out all the information I learned at the HSMG 2012 Conference and I’m finally able to get my thoughts in order. I found this year’s conference to be informative and fun as the previous conferences I’ve attended. Thanks to Jerry, I’m able to provide [...]

HSMG 2012 Conference in Portland, Day One

Finished Lip Balm What does one do when a recipe on our blog has been featured twice, creating the most commented recipe ever? Why, we make it again! I mean, can you really go wrong with the classics? We also gave out samples of this lip balm at the Handcrafted Soapmakers conference two years ago in [...]

Beloved Orange Lip Balm