HSMG Conference Ticket Scholarship

It is rapidly approaching that time of year for the HSMG Annual Conference. I’m excited to announce that Taylor and I will be attending the conference this year! We have had a few changes and we have discovered that we have two extra tickets to the conference. So… we have decided to give these tickets away to two lucky MMS customers. These tickets cover the conference attendance and meals.

Now before you scramble off to just send us an e-mail, we want you to send us your answers to our questions. This will allow us to pick the best qualified entries to attend the conference. Let’s begin with the questions!

1. Tell us why you should go. We want to know why you think we should pick you to go to the conference. This is your chance to shine! We want to know!

2. What do you expect to gain? Tell us what you want to learn and then apply after the conference.

3. Do you have the time to go? We want to make sure that attending the conference won’t throw a crimp in your schedule. Are you able to travel to Portland? How will you get there?

4. What is your name? We will also need your e-mail to contact you.

We want you to submit your entries through our Contact Us link. Simply send your entry to the Blog Team.

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3 thoughts on “HSMG Conference Ticket Scholarship”

  1. So cool you’re doing this for your customers! Will you tell us who the lucky winners are and why?

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  2. Unfortunately I don’t have the means and the time to get to Portland. But what a generous gesture on your part! This will be a memorable experience for the winners.

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  3. Did you get any takers on the free tickets? I expect you had plenty! It must have been lovely meeting them at the conference. Oh, and how was the event itself?

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