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I love Cocoa Butter. I have loved it ever since I was a little girl. I mean, who can complain about a butter smelling like chocolate?! In this single oil soap adventure, I wanted to test a soap with just Cocoa Butter. Come join me for this delightful adventure!  Needed Materials Ingredients Cocoa Butter, Regular Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) Water Scale Microwave Safe [...]

Single Oil Soap -Cocoa Butter, Regular

I have been loving learning about all of the different properties oils contribute to a bar of soap. I decided that I wanted to try Avocado next. I must admit, I did get a bit of a surprise after is was in the mold! Come join me as we learn about Avocado Oil Soap! Needed Materials Ingredients Avocado [...]

Single Oil Soap – Avocado Oil

Yesterday was a very different experience when compared to most soaps I make. Today, I wanted to show Palm Kernel Oil, an oil most of us are familiar with in our oils. But do we really know what it contributes to our bar? Let’s go find out through experience!   Needed Materials Ingredients Stearic Acid Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) Water Scale Microwave Safe Container Immersion [...]

Single Oil Soap – Palm Kernel Oil

As a soapmaker, it can be really useful to know what properties an oil can contribute to your final bar of soap. Does it make it hard or soft? Does the oil contribute a lot of lather? Is the lather dense or light and fluffy? This information is really important, especially when you are considering [...]

Single Oil Soap – Stearic Acid

Next week, I will be featuring single oil soaps. The plain “vanilla” of soaps. So as I get ready for next week I wanted to share Vanilla flavors, fragrances and essential oils that would make a great Sampler 7. Will you come join me? The first vanilla I wanted to cover is our Natural Vanilla Oil. [...]

Vanilla Themed Sampler 7 Inspiration

I have a notebook where I write down my notes from the blog kitchen, makes lists of things I would like to try and dream up formulations. As time goes on, sometimes I forget those thoughts are in my project notebook. I had the opportunity to flip through my book and I found a formulation [...]

Orange Butter Lip Balm

We are well over due for another Freebie Friday. Don’t you think so? Unfortunately, there still isn’t a computer with scratch and sniff capabilities and I am afraid to say that the new iPad doesn’t have that feature either. Darn. Maybe one of these days but not now. Well, in the mean time, let’s try [...]

Freebie Friday!