Valentine’s Day is coming!

GOOD GRAVY BOATS! Is Valentine’s Day really only 14 days away? Think quick and easy lip balms and glosses. Remember, if you need to place an order, you only have 14 days for it to be processed, shipped and then made by you! Ack! We will be doing a What is in Your Cupboard Challenge all the way to the 14th. Just tell us what you have available in your cupboard and we can help you formulate small, quick, and easy gifts. You can either put that list in the comments field or email in using our contact page. Just click the Blog radio button and we will get you taken care of.

Happy Pre-Valentines Day!


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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is coming!”

  1. Alright…I don’t have a whole bunch in my cabinet, but this is what I have: olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax, epsom salts, grapeseed oil, orange e.o, frozen goat milk…:-)

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  2. Found a couple of typos for you! There’s a space missing after Ack! and another one missing after the word Challenge!

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