Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, also known as Human Rights Day is a very special and important day. Especially to those of us who work at MMS. This is a special day that should remind us of the high priority of people. No matter where they are from, their ethnic background or what they do, people need to be recognized. We each contribute to our communities. Today, let’s make a goal of complimenting 10 people for something they have done well. Let’s make someone’s day. Someone is sure to make ours!

As today is Human Rights Day, there are some important announcements that need to be made. Today, the Post Office is closed. No orders will ship if they have been ordered using this method. UPS is open today. We will ship all orders that use a UPS shipping method. If you are waiting for an order through USPS, they will not deliver today. UPS is making deliveries.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!



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