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I know we have covered all of the colors of glitter, but the other day I found a bottle of our Green Mango Fragrance Oil. It immediately made me think of our Emerald Green Glitter so we will be making a soap with the Emerald Green Glitter. :-)I really like the Green Mango because it [...]

Green Mango Glitter Soap

I am writing with sad news today. Marion, our wonderful hot pad lady, has passed away. You might remember our initial post about Marion and her hot pads. Our wonderful friend was 99 and she would sew each day, except Sunday. She would talk with me about canning, making pies, sewing and family. She was [...]

Marion – A delight and an inspiration

In the heat of the summer, one of my favorite things to do is to bite down into a large slice of cold watermelon. Yum. I can almost feel the juice running down my chin. Watermelon always makes me feel like a kid again. I remember trying to spit those black seeds like my father [...]

Kalahari Melon Glitter Soap

I had the hardest time finding a fragrance that would match our Denim Blue Fragrance Oil. I scoured the catalog, perused our fragrance oil drawer and was about ready to tear my hair out! I was completely lost. There was no personal inspiration for using a particular fragrance with our Denim Blue Glitter. I went [...]

Spa Fusion Glitter Soap

Oh my gosh! Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I am running around like a headless chicken trying to get all of my stuff done in time. I know Christmas is a few weeks away but if I procrastinate, everyone won’t get their presents until March. Yikes. That is scary. I dug down into the [...]

Christmas Tree Glitter Soap

I have always loved Moonlight Path. Long before I ever worked here at Majestic Mountain Sage, I remember going to Bath & Bodyworks to smell all of their products. One scent that always called to me was their Moonlight Path. I loved it. It is smooth, elegant and ladylike. It was also paired with one [...]

Moonlight Path Glitter Soap

I love strawberries. I remember as a child riding down the sidewalk from our house to the next door neighbor. They had about a 3 foot slope down from their lawn down to the sidewalk. That slope, instead of being covered in grass, harbored strawberries. I remember heading over to graze with our dog. We [...]

Wild Strawberry Glitter Soap

I can’t remember if I have told you this before, but I love glitter. Cough. Cough. Sorry, I have a frog in my throat due to all of the cottonwoods flying around. I mean, I LOVE glitter. I wear and play and craft with glitter whenever I get the chance. Giggle. It brings the cheerful, romantic [...]

Glitter Soap Collection