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Whew! Where has our summer gone? I can’t believe that we have started school already. The young kids are back and the buses have their flashing lights going in the morning. The college kids are back in town and the Saturday traffic is slow moving. The book stores, coffee houses and other hang-out places are [...]

Tea Tuesday August 30

I don’t know about you but I love it when school starts. I love seeing the children scampering off of the bus heading for home with brightly color pictures in hand and ear to ear grins on their faces. I can just hear them bursting in the door, their back packs dangling crookedly from their [...]

Kid’s Play-Do Soap

This morning I received an e-mail from our UPS representative about disruptions in operations along the East Coast. I’ve attached the text from the email for you to read. Localized evacuations in preparation for Hurricane Irene are causing unavoidable service delays along the Eastern coastline of the United States. No pickups or deliveries are being made [...]

Hurricane Irene – UPS Shipping Alert

Today we will finish another week of answering Cupboard Challenge recipes! We will make the lotion recipe that Barbara requested to use lanolin. I formulated this fantastic lotion to meet Barbara’s requirements. Like yesterday, this recipe uses only 2% lanolin. This allows the lanolin to contribute texture without also contributing an overpowering odor. Collect needed items: Ingredients Water Lanolin Sodium [...]

Making Lotion from Barbara’s Cupboard

Continuing with Diane’s cupboard, I formulated a lotion that uses some of her oils along with other needed ingredients to make a moisturizing lotion. As a review, here are the ingredients in her cupboard. Wheat Germ Oil Green Tea Butter Orange Butter Aloe Extract Lanolin Coconut Oil As I mentioned earlier, I needed to add some necessary ingredients to make this lotion [...]

Making Lotion from Diane’s Cupboard

Finished Cream Since I made that Mountain Man Bar several weeks ago, I decided I wanted to make a cream to match. I wanted to make a similar recipe to what would have been around at the time with a few modern modifications. (I will be using a preservative and an emulsifier.) This is a little different [...]

Mountain Man Cream

Since Andee did that segment of kitchen spices in cold process soap, whenever I make something (anything for that matter), I wonder about using it in soap. Ack! She has corrupted me! Will I ever be able to cook in peace again? [Seriously, I keep wondering about sesame seeds, nori (sheets of seaweed), almond paste, [...]

Parsley in Cold Process Soap