Margarita Lip Balm

I am so excited to announce a new flavor we just released, Margarita Flavor Oil! These lip balm are definitely parties contained in a tube. This flavor is so incredibly similar to the drink, you might even fool a bartender! Come join me for this fun and party like flavor. 

This flavor oil is pre-sweetened so you do not need to sweeten it. This lip balm reminds me of hot summer nights that press against your skin with a refreshingly cool and salty drink in hand. It definitely brings to mind a good time that makes you come back for more. Come to the summer party, have a margarita and watch the sun go down. How perfect.


Collect Needed Materials

Shea Butter Lip Solutions
Margarita Flavor Oil
Transfer Pipette
Containers for Lip Balm


Recipe in Grams
285.76 grams Shea Butter Lip Solutions
5.67 grams Margarita Flavor Oil
Recipe in Ounces
10.08 oz Shea Butter Lip Solutions
.2 oz Margarita Flavor Oil
Recipe in Percentages
98% Shea Butter Lip Solutions
2% Margarita Flavor Oil

Gently heat the jar of Shea Butter Lip Solution in a microwave until liquid. Add the Margarita Flavor Oil and stir well. Pour into a lip balm filling tray complete with tubes. Allow the solution to cool. Using a plastic putty knife, remove the top layer of solution. Remove tubes from tray and cap. Enjoy!


Finished Lip Balm
Melted Lip Solution
Adding Flavor Oil
Stirring In Flavor Oil
Filling Lip Balm Tube Tray
Filled Lip Balm Tray
Filled Lip Balm Tray

Tray Scraped Off
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  1. Can I request my sample here? There have been so many things in the last couple weeks on the blog that I’ve wanted to try! The Chocolate Lip Gloss, especially!

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