Monthly Archives: May 2011

Today is Memorial Day and it turns out to be a perfect day to visit the Statue of Liberty. I took these pictures while visiting Liberty Island earlier today. It is amazing to stand on the ground and look upon a statue. I feel so small looking up, but I can’t help feeling proud of the [...]

Memorial Day Thoughts

Sometimes I get inspiration from collecting all of the ingredients for another project. When I made Lorraine’s Vanilla Coconut Passion Lotion I had to look through the fragrance collection in the blog kitchen. As I searched for the Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil, I ran across a 1 oz bottle of Tahitian Vanilla. Hmn. I started [...]

Jubilant Summer Island Lotion

Summer is just around the corner and that means the time for bare feet, sandals and flip flops is here. If you are in the same shoes I am, you probably have rough calloused feet right now. Ack! I can’t wander around with callouses and chipped nail polish and before I can put any nail [...]

Pampered Feet Blog Reader Challenge

I love that the day are getting longer and warmer. There are more opportunities to see the sun and it feels great! The unfortunate part about this means I am outside doing things and working up a sweat. Whew! I don’t know about you but I don’t like being wet and sticky. Come join me [...]

Fluffy Body Powder

Birthdays are exciting and there is nothing as wonderful as a good birthday celebration. I wanted to make a soap that said all of that and more. I wanted a soap that remind the user of a party every time they use it. I decided to make a swirled soap with glitter that is scented [...]

21 Celebration Soap

I am thrilled to announce that one year ago today we packed up truck number one and moved to our new facility in Nibley! Wow, I can’t believe it has already been one year. This new building is very nice and allows us to process and ship your orders more quickly and efficiently. As a [...]

Happy Anniversary!

Finished soap.Last summer I was requested to make scent blend that was masculine, woodsy and clean smelling. After testing several scent blends I finally was able to make a blend that suited the recipient. The blend includes Siberian Fir Needle Essential Oil, Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil and Lavender Fleur (type) Fragrance Oil. I placed the [...]

Woodland Ice Soap