Conditioning Solid Sugar Scrub

Yesterday, after the Melt & Pour Sugar Scrub was released, Crystal asked me if it was possible to make a scrub without the melt and pour soap. Well, that certainly got the wheels turning in my head. Her question inspired a conditioning sugar scrub that is  to die for! It is a two for one product. It scrubs and exfoliates the skin while softening, protecting and conditioning the skin. After you finish washing your hands it is like you have already put on a lotion and are ready to go back to your project! Wow. How cool is that? Thanks for the inspiration Crystal. Come join me in the kitchen to make this fabulous scrub. 

Collect Needed Ingredients:

Shea Butter
Sunflower Oil
Conditioning Emulsifier
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
100 grams Shea Butter
30 grams Sunflower Oil
10 grams Squalane
40 grams Beeswax
20 grams Conditioning Emulsifier
360 grams Sugar
Recipe in Ounces
3.53 oz Shea Butter
1.06 oz Sunflower Oil
.35 oz Squalane
1.41 oz Beeswax
.71 oz Conditioning Emulsifier
12.7 oz Sugar
Recipe in Percentages
17% Shea Butter
5% Sunflower Oil
1% Squalane
7% Beeswax
3% Conditioning Emulsifier
64% Sugar

Weigh everything except Sugar into a microwave safe container. Heat in short bursts until materials are liquid. Add sugar to the oils and mix well. Pour into molds. Allow scrub to harden. Once the scrubs are cool remove and package. Enjoy these fabulous conditioning scrubs!


Finished Scrub
Weighing Ingredients
Melting Oils
Stirring in Sugar
Pouring into mold

Cooling Sugar Scrub
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10 thoughts on “Conditioning Solid Sugar Scrub”

  1. Taylor – Do you know where you got this tray mold? My mom is looking for something about that size for lotion bars. Also, what is the final size of the individual squares?



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  2. It is nice to find one that is not made with melt and pour. I have this “blob” of oil, citric acid, milk powder and fine ground oatmeal. Long story short, I made a HUGE mistake while talking on the phone one day…do not try to measure for a recipe while on the phone…and ended up with what I have been calling the blob. I most likely will NEVER be able to make this again, as how mistakes go :)

    After looking at your first blog about the melt and pour, I decided it was finally time to deal with the blob. So, I measure some out, added some cocoa butter, melted it down then added raw sugar. I did use the honeybee guest soap mold from MMS as I like the size. I must say that the mixture is too chunky, not smooth enough, to get down into the bee body parts. Otherwise I really liked the way it turned out.
    Knowing that I had some melt and pour, I also tried it with that. I do not like the one made that way. I much prefer the sugar and oils to the melt and pour version.

    But thank you for getting me going as I no longer have this big bowl of stuff sitting around. I now have about 60 solid sugar scrubs that I can give away to people…now to just find those willing to give it a try :)

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  3. I was curious about the tray mold as well!! I actually have all those ingredients in my cupboard too – might have to give this a try!

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  4. Ironically, yesterday, my husband saw a square tray mold at Michael’s. It makes 24 one inch x one inch squares. I think it was in the candy section. It would work great for soap samples, too!

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  5. Those little scrubbing squares look so cute!
    I am curious though, since I have never used or made such a recipe. I notice the squares seem very small. Is it because they are intended as samples or is it because they are meant for a one time use only (i.e. once wet, they don’t keep)?

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  6. Merci pour le blog.

    I try the sugar scrum recipe today. My only modification was using hydrovance instead of squalane.
    Maybe I am not using the product properly (I try to use it on my arms and legs in the shower), but my skin felt like it was covered with wax and sticky. My elbows and knees do feel softer afterward though, but I had to wash with soap to get the wax feeling away.
    I like the idea of a solid scrub, but I would love to have something that would glide more on the skin when applied. A suggestion anyone?

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  7. I would recommend that you replace the Beeswax with a soft butter or oil or with a liquid one.
    I wanted this scrub to have a waxy feel. You can also add some melt & pour soap to this recipe.
    This will help reduce the residual film left on the skin. If replacing the Beeswax, I would personally use
    Olive Butter or Shea Oil. (My current favorites.) Just use your favorite oils in this recipe.

    Best Wishes,


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  8. Catching an error or two here….Crystal asked me “if” it was possible…..”It” scrubs and exfoliates the skin…When you finish washing your hands”,”….and I would just say put on lotion, not “a” lotion. I feel like this makes me sound so critical, but it is a fun kind of hunt!!

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