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Thank everyone who participated in the Valentine’s for Him Challenge. I had a great time. I really enjoyed reading your comments and ideas. It was really enlightening to learn what you do, what people in your lives prefer, and how you would change it up to fit your preferences. I am thrilled to announce that I [...]

Valentines for Him – Challenge Winners

Completed soap. With all the cold winter weather lately, you can be sure to find a warm cup of tea on my desk. As I was drinking a cup of Acai Green Tea from The Republic of Tea, I wondered what would happen if I used this tea in soap. Naturally I had to test this [...]

Acai Superfruit Soap

Have you ever been asked to share your phone number, address or other contact information and had your mind go blank?  After all, you don’t call YOURSELF!  The same thing happens around the global every minute, so don’t feel like you are alone.  You might feel like you need your morning coffee just to be [...]

What’s my phone number?

Finished Soap 10
Finished Soap We are almost done with our Valentine’s for Him themed week. Don’t let Valentine’s get away from you this year! It is just around the corner! Most men are one product type of guys. They like things quick and easy. In some ways, they present a challenge for us. They also inspire quick, multi-purpose and [...]

Valentine’s for Him – Soap

I just loved Andee’s Shower Tablets and I thought that they would be great for your special man! Many men love the scent of anise. What a great way for your sweetie to have an enjoyable shower without smelling like anise all day! These shower tablets are also great for scents that your honey loves that [...]

Valentines for Him – Shower Tablet

I found an article about University of Washington students created a way to determine if drinking water is correctly sterilized for drinking.  I’ve giving you a few links to read and watch. My first link is to PC World but some of their links were broken or didn’t result in what I felt made a [...]

Water and Sun are Wonderful!

I was reading a few news sites and came up with a few things I would like to share. FoxNews had a report of 7 ways to Avoid the Winter Funk. You can read the article for yourself here: 7 Ways to Avoid. I found the report interesting and I would like to [...]

Winter Amazing

Our weather recently has been playing havoc on my hands and my cuticles are no exception. Since I am all out of any cuticle treatments at home, I decided to make a new batch of cuticle jelly that would help moisturize my fingers. This recipe is a variation of the Cuticle Gelly from our recipes [...]

Moisturizing Cuticle Jelly