Orange Lip Balm

Back at the beginning of December we received an e-mail from Crystal. It was such a great thing to read that I just had to share it with you!

First, I’d like to say I have never been disappointed with any of your products or service. Due to a complicated pregnancy Iโ€™ve been out of the soap making loop for a few months but as soon as I start again I’ll definitely be back to ordering the bulk of my supplies from The Sage.

What I really wanted to tell you about was your miracle orange butter lip balm. I received a tube as a sample with an order I placed some time ago. To be honest I’m a lip balm junkie and have an obscene collection of them, so it wound up just getting tossed in my purse with the dozen or so others I always carry with me.

My daughter is four years old. From the time she was a baby she has had a problem with dry chapped lips in the winter. The last two years have been the worst. Her poor little lips stay cracked and bleed on a daily basis from October to March. I have had her try so many balms and butters and none of them have ever made any difference. Then last week she was digging through my purse and happened to pull out your orange lip butter! For some reason she decided she wanted to use your balm and (I swear on this) after just one day of use, applying it only twice, her lips are baby soft. Itโ€™s like she never had problems at all. Amazing. So thank you very much for the sample! I canโ€™t wait to order some orange butter and play around with it in other products!

Thank you for the review Crystal! I hope your little one has been able to keep those soft lips!

I’ve included the text and photos from the original post for you to play with this recipe. It is one of our favorites and a great reminder to keep those lip moisturized during the winter months!

I’ll have some of these lip balms made again as samples for the shipping in the new year. If you would like to try this lip balm, I hope that anyone wanting a sample lip balm will request one with their order and if we have any samples we will send them to you.

This lip balm is fantastic year round. It has a smooth glide and a long lasting moisturizing capability that allows anyone to have soft lips! Enjoy!

Collect needed items:

Orange Butter
Hydrogenated Soy
Castor Oil
Sugar Kisses Flavor Oil
Microwave safe container for weighing ingredients
Transfer Pipettes
Immersion Blender
Containers for the finished products (I’m using the I’m using the Clear Lip Balm Tubes and Orange Lip Balm Tube Caps.)

Finished Orange Butter lip balm with fun labels from our Label Department.


Recipe in ounces for 50 tubes
2.2 ounces Orange Butter
2 ounces Hydrogenated Soy
2.5 ounces Beeswax
3 ounces Castor Oil
0.3 ounces Sugar Kisses Flavor Oil
Recipe in grams for 50 tubes
62.4 grams Orange Butter
56.7 grams Hydrogenated Soy
70.9 grams Beeswax
85.1 grams Castor Oil
8.5 grams Sugar Kisses Flavor Oil
Recipe in ounces for 300 tubes
11 ounces Orange Butter
10 ounces Hydrogenated Soy
12.50 ounces Beeswax
15 ounces Castor Oil
1.5 ounces Sugar Kisses Flavor Oil
Recipe in Percentages
22% Orange Butter
20% Hydrogenated Soy
25% Beeswax
30% Castor Oil
3% Sugar Kisses Flavor Oil

Weigh all ingredients except the Sugar Kisses Flavor Oil into your microwave safe container. Microwave in short bursts until all ingredients are melted. The beeswax will take the most time to melt, but if you stir the lip balm after the other oils have been heated, it will melt quickly. Once the mixture is melted, add the Sugar Kisses Flavor Oil . Stir until all of the flavor has been incorporated. Fill tubes or jars. Cool. Label.

Label from our Label Department.

Notes: You can add different flavors to this lip balm to complement the Orange Butter. Try Chocolate Cream for chocolate covered oranges, Mango Mango for Island Smoothie, Peach for Fuzzy Navel, or Vanilla Banilla for an orange creamsicle.

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18 thoughts on “Orange Lip Balm”

  1. Andee
    I have just registerd with mms and I cannot wait to make this lip balm. Sound yummy.
    Have been reading some of the post,but I can’t quiet figure out to ask questions. I look forward to being a part of this group

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  2. Looking forward for some Acai Butter and Blueberry butter lip balm recipes :). They both contain shea butter, my guess is that it’s not high melt point shea butter, so it would be interesting to know how to work with them in order to avoid graininess. I have a problem with shea in lip balms, because I need to pour them into the lip balm tubes, and the only method I know that works (for me) that keeps me from having graininess is to mix the shea butter at the end, when the other oils have cooled down. Of course, there is wax in the lip balm recipe, so it will harden and I will not be able to pour in the lip balm tubes…

    So, if you guys have any good method, a tutorial would be super nice! I do not use a microwave oven to soften/heat the oils, just the double boiler.

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  3. I made a small test batch (100gm) of this recipe yesterday and used half Mango Mango and half Sugar Baby for the flavor oils. OMG it is SO delicious! My mom renamed it “Orange-Mango Magic!” I think I’m going to try adding Chocolate Cream to the next batch. Thank you for this fantastic recipe with so many possibilities!

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  4. Yummy! That sounds fantastic. Let us know how the Chocolate Cream turns out.

    I just might have to make this. I just have too many lip balms, lip sticks, and lip glosses
    for my own good! Note to self: Must use up stash.

    Best Wishes,


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  5. Taylor, I have a question. I am new to making lip balms. I was wondering what other oils I could use instead of the castor oil and the hydrogenated soy? The orange creamsicle sounds really good. I would love to make a batch.

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  6. The castor oil provides a long lasting “tack,” if you will.
    It is similar to lanolin and petroleum jelly in a long lasting
    feel and protection of the lips. It is not as long lasting as
    lanolin or petroleum jelly but it does have a longer staying
    power than something like Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, etc.

    You could use a bit more wax and use a lesser amount in
    lanolin vs the castor. This would give a similar feel.

    The hydrogenated soy is to provide a solid base that is
    smooth and creamy with no potential of fractionation.
    To accomplish this via other oils we would need to increase
    the beeswax, use palm kernel oil or increase the viscosity
    builders that don’t fractionate.

    Instead of what to substitute with, please tell me your aversion
    to using these items (including if you just don’t have them on hand)
    then tell me what you do have on hand and I can try to help you
    make something that has good flavor and is an easy lip balm.


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  7. I received your Lemon Cookie Lip Balm. I love the smell of the lemon but there is another smell I am not to crazy about and I thought it might be the castro oil or the soy. I am in the learning process of what all the different ingredients do. :) I just started making lip balms and lotion bars and I have the following items: beeswax, almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, mango butter, avocado butter, aloe butter, refined shea butter and white cocoa butter. (All bought through your awesome company) I was thinking of buy some orange butter. I am learning as I go and do appreciate your expertise and your time. Thank you.

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  8. Can you describe the odor that you don’t like? Is it bitter smelling? If I know what it smells like,
    I can help you pin point the cause of the odor. No need to make lip balm that has an odor you don’t like.


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  9. To be honest I can’t really describe it. I do know I smell it first and then the lemon. I am sorry, I don’t mean to say that your balm has an odor. I just don’t care for something that I can’t put my finger on. I want to say it is the castro oil. Could I make a good lip balm with the orange butter (which I still need to purchase) with the ingredients I have on hand?

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  10. Absolutely. I am asking about the odor you don’t like so I can help you avoid it in your own lip balms. No offense taken. I just want you to like the lip balm you just made.

    Let me see what I can formulate with your list of what you have. Also, If you can tell me what you imagine the texture to be, that would help a lot. Do you want it firm?
    Soft? Glossy? Waxy? What do you like? No sense in making a lip balm that you aren’t wild about the texture. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  11. I like on the softer side with a little gloss. I bought some of your ultrafine iridescent and love it in my balm. Thanks again for all your help. I am having a blast learning. :)

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  12. FYI: Chocolate cream/Orange butter lip balm is also fantastic! If only I can keep my boyfriend from stealing all my sample tubes…;)

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  13. Ohhh that sounds yummy…. Are you willing to share recipe? :)

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  14. Made the Orange Butter Lip Balm accordign to this recipe, but dropped the Sugar Baby to 2% and added 2.5% Chocolate Cream flavor oil (with a little less castor oil to account for the extra) It’s decadent and delicious!

    For the Mango one, same percentages, but with Mango Mango instead of Chocolate Cream and added a few drops of Lime essential oil.

    I was reading your earlier comments and it sounds like you may be smelling the Lanolin. I am really sensitive to the smell of lanolin for whatever reason, and it just always smells a little off, to me. Even in, for instance, the Minty Foot Cream recipe where the mint is pretty strong (And I tried doubling the mint), I can still pick up the smell of the lanolin enough that I can’t stand to use it on my hands! Good thing it’s great on my feet! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have tried a liquid lanolin that I got at a local health foods store and I find the smell almost undetectable, so if you absolutely want lanolin in a recipe, you can try that with a little less other liquid oils or whatnot. (I think it is Now! Foods brand) Good luck and happy crafting!

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  15. I really want to make this one, but I don’t have any hyd soy, it’s something I have yet to order. Could I use coconut or palm oil instead?

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  16. Use Cocoa Butter or High Melt Point Shea Butter. You can use anything that is a harder solid butter.

    Good luck!


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  17. Thank you BeckaBoo for sharing. I’m looking forward to trying those recipes also. Taylor was so nice to share a recipe without some of those ingredients and it came out great. I just love this blog. Everyone is so helpful. Especially for a newbee like me. :)

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