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3.89 Gallons of Lotion This recipe is the lotion recipe I described yesterday in my conversion disaster. I promise I am giving you a smaller batch than I made originally. This lotion is a thicker lotion and very creamy when being applied. When finished applying, this lotion has a fabulous silky finish. I hope everyone gets [...]

Learning Curve Lotion

I love scrubs; salt, sugar, etc. I think they are great. I am always trying one new scrub or another. Here is a fantastic recipe we just tested. I hope you try it and tell me what you think. Equipment Bowl Spoon Scale Transfer Pipettes Containers for Finished Product Here are the ingredients you will need for this recipe. Ingredients Raspberry Seed Oil Grapeseed Oil Polysorbate [...]

Raspberry Salt Scrub

Palm Oil. The lovely beast that it is. Since it is July I thought we should cover how to work with this oil since it can cause a few problems for soap makers. When you open your pail does it look like this? Photo #1 Let’s take a closer peak. Photo #2 What if we take a spoonful [...]

Fractionation in Palm Oil

I love citrus scented soaps and one can typically be found at my kitchen sink. I was making lemonade the other day and zippy, refreshing scent of lemons reminded me to think about making soap again. Then I started wondering if I could make a lemon soap and include the fresh lemon zest in my [...]

Lemon Zest Soap

We are continuing to add new products to our catalog. It has been a challenge to keep these wonderful surprises a secret. I hope you enjoy these new products! Here is a little review of the latest new products. Rosalie Fragrance Oil: Every time I smell Rosalie, I am continually surprised and delighted. It reminds me of Parma [...]

New Fragrance Releases

I had been asked to make a cologne for a pre-teen boy and for a while I struggled to create a blend that wasn’t overwhelming OR inappropriate for his age. After searching for ideas of blends and testing various blends until my nose hurt, I re-discovered a scent blend in our Recipes Section. When I [...]

Making Cologne for Pre-Teens

Yesterday was a new product release day. You may be asking what was released. We released fragrances, containers, shrink bands and a new Lip Solutions! Here is a little review of the latest new products. Alice Fragrance Oil: We’ve added another fun fragrance to our Twilight collection. This fragrance is cute, flirty and happy. Lively citrus with a [...]

New Catalog Releases!