Cyclomethicone Testing, Part 5

I have more Cyclomethicone Testing results for you. I have a list of requests that I will test later this week and I hope to release those results next week.

Today, I tested Coconut Milk, Cool Water (type), Cotton, Dragon Fruit, Eastern Amber and Gardenia Fragrance Oils. All of these fragrance oils were compatible with the Cyclomethicone. There were no beads of fragrance or clouding of the solution, which are indicators of incompatibility between the fragrance and Cyclomethicone. The Gardenia did give the Cyclomethicone a light yellow appearance, but is still is compatible.

Keep an eye out for more results of Cyclomethicone Testing. Have any requests for me to test first? Let me know and I will try to test those requested fragrances or essentials first!

Want to do a dry oil spray? See this entry for details!

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2 thoughts on “Cyclomethicone Testing, Part 5”

  1. If a scent results in clouding when mixed with the cyclomethicone is it totally un-usable or is that mearly an asthetic issue?

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  2. It means the product will not work as intended. Incompatibility
    is more a means of saying the product won’t work as we desire.
    Aesthetics, in this case, tells a lot. Consider it a learning lesson
    and something that you won’t repeat but will find another use for
    that particular fragrance oil instead.

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