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Lately, I’ve been dreaming about watermelon and I’ve even found myself with a mouthful of pillow one morning. You can imagine my disappointment when I realized that it was NOT watermelon! Today, I’m going to show you how I made my recent batch of watermelon soap. I don’t know that it has cured my craving [...]

Watermelon Soap

Dirk, one of our web programmers, wrote this excellent tutorial on making a simple soap mold. This tutorial allows anyone to make a mold just with lumber scraps! Enjoy! Making your own handmade soap is a great example of chemistry in practical use. You are mixing fats with a solution of lye to convert the [...]

Guerrilla Soap Mold

Stephanie submitted her milk soaps for our Milk Soap Challenge. She used the Half & Half method with Soy Milk and it turned out beautifully. Guess what? I’ll bet if she tries buttermilk again, it will turn out perfectly! Enjoy! I decide to try a soy milk for the first time, it was alot of fun. I [...]

Milk Soap Challenge – Soy Milk

Rebekah submitted her milk soaps for our Milk Soap Challenge. Rebekah’s method is simple, easy to follow and should be exciting to try. If you want to make milk soap, but you aren’t sure about the Half and Half method, this is a good compromise to try. What should we call this method? The Quarters [...]

Milk Soaps Challenge – Buttermilk

I’m so excited to share our latest additions to the catalog with you! We just released the Daisy Lip Balm Pots and they are just so much fun. These pots are easy to fill and a wonderful bonus is that you can stack several pots and have a collection of lip balms that stay together. [...]

New Containers

This is a question that comes up for everyone learning to make soap. I recently stumbled across this cute illustrated explanation of saponification. This is a fun way to enjoy learning about saponification without covering several whiteboards with chemical changes at the molecular level. I wish all confusing questions could be solved this way! Over on The [...]

What is Saponification?

If you have ever been the Master Food Preserver Program with your local university extension office, then today’s paper might be familiar to you. If you aren’t familiar with home canning, this paper will still be useful to you as it explains why jars break, just like the jar in Monday’s post. Jar Breakage PDF With this [...]

Why Jars Break

Donna submitted her milk soaps for our Milk Soap Challenge. Here is her perspective on the process of making milk soap. Enjoy! First, here’s the recipe I used — it’s a little varied from my usual mix, because I wanted to use the last of my cocoa butter & shea butter, hence the odd numbers: 400g Coconut Oil 400g [...]

Milk Soaps Challenge