Mango Body Cream

Lately, our weather has been cold and foggy with little sunshine to perk up the day. I decided that I needed to make a cream to give me the feel of summer so I can survive the winter blues. This wonderful cream is lightly scented. My favorite thing about this light cream is the fact that it can be in a jar or a bottle with a pump! Bring out the tropical fun of summer with the Mango Body Cream.

Collect needed items:

Citric Acid
Liquid Glycerin
Stearic Acid
Mango Butter
Emulsifying Wax
Mango Sorbet Fragrance Oil
Germaben II
Microwave safe container for weighing ingredients
Transfer Pipettes
Containers for the finished products (I’m using the I’m using the 2 oz Clear PET Low Profile Jars, Size 58 with Size 58 Straight Black Lids.)


Recipe in ounces
0.01 ounces Citric Acid
0.05 ounces Liquid Glycerin
0.05 ounces Stearic Acid
0.53 ounces Mango Butter
0.16 ounces Emulsifying Wax
3.63 ounces Distilled Water
0.04 ounces Mango Sorbet Fragrance Oil
0.02 ounces Germaben II
Recipe in grams
0.3 grams Citric Acid
1.3 grams Liquid Glycerin
1.3 grams Stearic Acid
15 grams Mango Butter
4.4 grams Emulsifying Wax
103 grams Distilled Water
1 gram Mango Sorbet Fragrance Oil
0.7 grams Germaben II
Recipe in Percentages
0.2% Citric Acid
1% Liquid Glycerin
1% Stearic Acid
11.8% Mango Butter
3.5% Emulsifying Wax
81.1% Distilled Water
0.8% Mango Sorbet Fragrance Oil
0.6% Germaben II

Weigh all ingredients except Germaben II and Mango Sorbet Fragrance Oil into the microwave safe container. Heat in the microwave using short time bursts until everything is melted. Blend the ingredients to a smooth, creamy consistency using the immersion blender. Add Germaben II and Mango Sorbet Fragrance Oil once the temperature drops below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Blend until completely mixed. Pour into jars and allow to cool completely. Cap the jars.

Notes: This recipe makes approximately 4 fl oz of cream.


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Mango Body Cream on my finger.
Collect needed supplies.
Weighing the oils.

Adding water to the beaker.

Ingredients after microwaving.

Pouring the cream into the jars.

Blending the ingredients together.
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14 thoughts on “Mango Body Cream”

  1. Instead of using water, is it possible for me to try aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice with any lotion or cream recipe?

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    1. Yes, but please remember that any additions in the aloe must be considered in the final lotion. Some materials would not be desirable. Please read the label.

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  2. Hi Andee,

    I got all set up and ready to make two of your recipes when I realized I can’t make them! Until I get a more precise scale I can only measure in whole grams. Is it possible to make this recipe and the mint foot cream in whole measures?

    Another question, when it comes to oils how do you know which oils can replace others when you don’t have a recipes requirements? For instance, I don’t have jojoba or apricot kernal oil at the moment. What are good replacements?

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    1. Certainly. You can use the recipe in percentages and work it to a full gram interval formulation.

      Oils = experience. You must try a small amount as a massage oil. Rub it into your hand and write down your notes. Try this at different times of the year and different times of the month. Many variables exist to show preferences in our notes. This is why we suggest keeping an oil journal.

      Maybe we should make one. These are fabulous to help us remember things that may “slip through the cracks” of our memory.

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  3. I don’t have Germaben II but I do have: Phenonip, Optiphen, and Liquid Germall Plus.
    which should I use for this recipe?
    Thank you!

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  4. Using this recipe is the cream like a heavy lotion or thicker and more cream like? I would like a creamy lotion. How do I go about changing the recipe to make a creamy lotion?


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  5. Do you have a recipe you like? We can help you modify that to make it thicker, thinner or something else.

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  6. No I want to make this body cream because I like mango butter a lot. I like my lotion to be creamy if that makes sense. I am currently using EL1 Goat’s Milk Lotion but want to change because it is so hard to find. I also want to make mine from scratch instead of buying a base.

    I don’t want to use a preservative with parabens in it either.



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  7. What do you like about this recipe? What do you not like about this recipe? If I know what you like and don’t like about this cream, we can alter this recipe to fit your requirements.

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  8. I do not like the Germaben II preservative for one. LOL. I also do not have any glycerin that I am aware of. What can I use to replace the glycerin? Can I up one of the other ingredients to replace the glycerin or just use something else?


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    1. Glycerin is a humectant. This means it grabs moisture and holds it near the skin. You can use another humectant. Honey, Hydrovance and Sodium Lactate are the primary humectants in our catalog.

      You can use any preservative you like. One vs another is not required, only one that works is required. I have used both Liquid Germall Plus and Optiphen with great results.

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  9. I finally found some glycerin and want to make the cream. What percentage would I need to add the preservative? I plan to use Liquid Germall Plus or Optiphen.


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    1. Liquid Germall Plus 0.5%
      Optiphen 1.5%

      If you use the Optiphen it may be a bit more fluid than if you use the Liquid Germall Plus.

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