Using Embeds in Soap by jrdgarrett


I gathered ingredients and tools to have everything handy.


I used an electric soap melter that I picked up at a local thrift store. It takes a little longer to melt than the microwave but makes pouring a breeze.


Then I colored a small amount of the soap with violet mica.


Filled mold about 3/4 of the way full.


I scooped Melt and Pour Transparent Soap. I use a sturdy ice cream scoop. It seems to cut through it a little easier.


I started with filling about 1/2 of this mold with transparent Melt and Pour Soap.


Stirred until all clumps of mica are distributed.


I let the soap set a few minutes to harden slightly. I sprayed the item to embed with alcohol.


I placed the item into the soap being sure the entire item would be completely covered by the soap.


Items waiting for next layer.


I stirred until all clumps are dissolved.


Here I added copper mica to melted soap. (My Grandson helped me with this soap.)


Added Oak Leaves and Acorns fragrance.


I placed item to embed into soap being sure it was upside down!


I covered the item with the remaining soap being sure to fill all the way to the top of the mold.


I let the soap sit a couple of hours to harden. Because this mold was not flexible I had to put it in the freezer for a few minutes but then the soap popped right out.

You can see where we didn’t have the mica completely dissipated so it left a few spots but we think it adds to the charm of the soap. The spider turned out great. He’s completely covered with soap but you can still see him.


The soap was still a little soft and the ring wouldn’t stay where I wanted it so I used a straw to help keep it afloat.


I added black mica to a small amount of soap.


I then added black soap to the top of the mold filling it completely.


I stirred until I thought no clumps remained.


I poured a small amount into my mold and let it sit a few minutes to harden slightly so the item would not sink.




Spraying lightly with alcohol to reduce bubbles.


I added a layer of copper mica colored soap to this mold. I let it sit for a few hours and then unmolded it.


You can see the Dinosaur really well through the crystals in this mold.


Oooohh, Aaahh!


You can barely see the ring through the crystals in this mold but enough to make it look like a real “treasure”!

I love making embedded soap. My grandchildren love it! It gives them something to look forward to and they wash their hands a lot more trying to get the toys out!

Thank you so much for making this skill easy to learn and affordable to do. The staff at MMS is so helpful and patient. Whether I call with questions about cold process soap or making hand cream they are always willing to clear up the fog of confusion I’ve created in my head. Without them I would never have attempted this craft. It has turned into one of the most useful, rewarding things I do. Thank you!

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