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Hi everyone! Kathy here again feeling like I need to redeem myself (see Blowing Bubbles!)! I decided to try embedding FOAMIES in clear M&P. Hope you enjoy it! Ingredients/Equipment needed: 20 oz Clear Melt & Pour Soap 2 tsp Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil (from MMS) 1 Sheet Foam Stickers-Fairy Twinkle (#106-908M, from Michael’s craft store) 3 – [...]

Another Embedding Tutorial from jaspersgarden

The Lotion Bar Tubes are back in stock!!!!!!!!  Oh, I can’t believe it!!!!  It seemed like we would have to wait forever. Andee will be back on the blog tomorrow.  I am so excited!  She has missed us, and worked a half day yesterday, and will work a half day today.  She feels so much better.  [...]

Lotion Bar Tubes and Andee’s Return

My name is Jennifer, a new soaper, loyal customer to and frequent reader of this blog. When I read the entry “Updates, Guest writer, and the Swine Flu” I realized I was reading it out loud to my boyfriend as if I was talking about people I actually knew. I gasped out loud and [...]

Advice from a Guest Writer

We have 4 new molds in the catalog, including two loaf style molds. We also have two new scents, one is Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil, and the other is Rosewood Essential Oil. See for all the new items. Yesterday we got our first real snow in the valley. It was wonderful! [...]

New Products, Snow and a Bad Joke

Supplies: Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Loofah Orange Pigment Powder Green Pigment Powder Yellow Pigment Powder Citrus Blend Fragrance Scale Pipette Rubbing Alcohol in Spray Bottle Mold Microwave safe Dish Instructions: 1. Cut loofah into 3 slices; small enough to fit into mold 2. Weigh and then melt soap base in microwave or double boiler (I used 7 oz) 3. Add Fragrance oil to melted soap. 4. Divide soap and pour [...]

Making Citrus Slices Using Loofah in Melt & Pour Soap ...

Tomorrow, our office will be closed until 1:30 pm. You may be asking why there is such short notice. Tomorrow morning a member of our staff, Mouein, will become a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. We will be attending the naturalization ceremony to support him. Mouein left Lebanon and came to Logan [...]

New Citizen

On October 1st, I showed the finished batch of Confetti Soap using shreds. Today, I’ll show you the finished batch of Confetti Soap using chunks. Collect needed supplies: Soap we made on October 1st, cut into chunks Hydrogenated Soybean Oil Coconut Oil Sweet Almond Oil Fragrance Oil of your choice (I’m going to be using Pears & Berries Fragrance Oil) Scale Recipe in [...]

Confetti Soap, Part 4

I always feel that notes are my best friend, no matter the project I am making. Today, I’m going to share the PDF that I designed for writing note about oils I test and my comments about the oils. The value of keeping such notes will save you in the long run when you are [...]

Value of Notes: Testing Oils

Last week, I told bluebutterflz I would formulate a recipe that is similar to our Body Cream Base so she could play with making a cream just like our base! I finally have the recipe finished and I hope you enjoy! I have scented this batch with Rooibos Tea Fragrance Oil, since our discussion about [...]

Body Cream