Draining Gallon Jugs

I use many of our bases for my own personal use as well as for the blog. I hate leaving extra lotion in the gallon jugs, but it can be very difficult to empty the jugs. The I came up with an idea for when I have just a little lotion left and I want to use every last drop. This method will work if you put pumps on your gallon jugs like I do.

Remove the caps from both jugs and pull out the paper lining. Glue the caps together. I like to use a food safe epoxy glue to make sure the caps won’t slip. Drill a hole through the caps and then screw the caps onto the full gallon jug. Tip the mostly empty jug onto the caps and screw onto the caps until tight. Leave overnight. Come back in the morning and remove the gallon jug on top. Yippee! Now we have an empty jug and a full one! Remove the caps and then place a pump on the jug.

Have fun!

I’m having problems with my camera, so I will post pictures tomorrow!


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One thought on “Draining Gallon Jugs”

  1. I love this idea! This will make things a lot easier for me. Thanks!!!

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