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Last week, I received an e-mail from Michelle and this is what she said. “Just had a great Twilight-themed spa party thanks to your products! I got the Body Milk Kit, Glycerin Scrub Kit and Vegan Lip Gloss Kit (Honey Flavor), along with the Bella & Edward fragrances. The girls loved it and trust me, [...]

Twilight Party Hosted by Michelle

As I mentioned on The Sage Forum, “Milk brings to soap a few problems, lactose is the primary issue, but certainly not the only one. The sugars in milk can settle out of the soap during a the heat wave we call saponification. This looks like a gelatinous mass on the bottom of the soap [...]

Making Soy Milk Soap

I was looking for a bar of soap in the mechanical room at home since I needed another bar of soap. I stumbled across this bar of Melt & Pour Soap I made around Christmas. I was really surprised to see little spikes on the surface of the soap. Unfortunately, the pictures I took didn’t [...]

Spiky Melt & Pour Soap

Many of us enjoy keeping our skin soft and hydrated. This cream has a light waxy feeling after rubbing it in, but it truly helps skin retain moisture. I think this cream would be perfect after a shower. What do you think? The objective of this cream was to use beeswax from the local beekeeper to [...]

Right Out of the Shower Emollient Cream

Last week I made the Blackberry Sage Light & Luscious Body Souffle and it was fantastic. Since I had blackberries galore, I had to make a blackberry pie. I used a recipe from an America’s Test Kitchen episode that was originally aired on January 3rd 2009. The Best Blueberry Pie episode video can be [...]

Blackberry Pie

I love fresh honey! Honey harvest season is here for us and I’m so excited for the fresh honey comb. Now will be the time for you to check with your local beekeepers for beeswax and honey. You can use the beeswax for any recipes that call for the beeswax. You may have to clean the [...]

Fresh Honey

I apologize for the delay of these photos. I hope they help! Liner removed from the caps Pressing the caps together. Using the drill bit to make a hole in the caps. Screwing the caps onto the full jug. Using the epoxy glue on the caps. Caps and drill bit. My final hole is ready to be cleaned up. The jugs draining.

Draining Gallon Jugs Photos

I use many of our bases for my own personal use as well as for the blog. I hate leaving extra lotion in the gallon jugs, but it can be very difficult to empty the jugs. The I came up with an idea for when I have just a little lotion left and I want [...]

Draining Gallon Jugs

Last week, I took a phone call from a customer looking for Grapefruit Seed Extract. She wanted to use the Grapefruit Seed Extract as a preservative in her lotion. I’ve done some research in the past about Grapefruit Seed Extract and I have discovered that it has little preservative abilities. After I explained to the [...]

Preservative vs Antioxidant

Lately, I’ve been having lots of fun making cold process soap and I’ve been on a swirls kick! I made a Cinnamon Rosemary Soap with Brown Oxide for the swirls. I also made a soap with Bulgarian Lavender and I used Lavender Fields for the swirls. Both of these soaps turned out so well I [...]

Lots of Swirls!