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Shannan has been kind enough to write a blog post for us. It is wonderful she is so willing to share her ideas, concerns, and difficulties so the rest of us have a better chance at making a successful batch of liquid soap. Thank you Shannan! I sincerely hope everyone enjoys Shannan’s post as much [...]

Liquid Soap by shelikesspring

Three weeks ago, I had a chance to see how Becky from The Spirit Goat makes soap. She operates her own business here in Northern Utah. We made two batches of soap while I asked her questions about her soaps and her business. Naturally, I took several great pictures of the soaps being made! Her [...]

Making Soap with Becky

My knee high with soap in it hanging from the faucet.Yesterday I showed you how to make wool wrapped soaps. As nice as the wool wrapped soaps are some days, I need something outside that allows for a quick scrub and for my soap to dry quickly. One thing I started to do in order [...]

Nylon Soaps

I have a family friend who showed me how to make wool wrapped soap. Lynn from Spinderellas,, has known my mother for several years as they are both spinners. Lynn has been caring for our fleeces, by washing and carding them. She taught us how to make wool wrapped soap too, and I [...]

Wool Wrapped Soap

I have wonderful news. All of you who are Twilight fans, or know Twilight fans, will love this. We have just released the fragrances Edward and Bella. Even if you are not Twilight fans, you will love these fragrances. These scents are just incredible. One staff member, who is incredibly hard to please, is jumping [...]

Twilight News!

Have you ever gone to the sink to wash your hands and picked up a wet, slimy bar of soap? It just feels disgusting! Personally, I cannot stand the feel of wet, slimy soap. Sometimes, I have wondered if there are clothes pins large enough for bars of soap. One way to prevent slimy [...]

Soap Bowl

My soap curls in the refrigerator.When I was just beginning to make melt and pour soaps, I struggled with getting my temperature just right so I wouldn’t melt my inserts. Along the way, I also discovered that the amount of moisture my inserts had also made a difference of how quickly my inserts would melt. [...]

Scientific Analysis

Today we were testing a fragrance oil and it got so hot that the soap overflowed the mold! Since we are firm believers of the adage, “A picture is worth 1000 words,” I had to get a picture to show you what happens when a fragrance is not compatible with our Cold Process Testing. I [...]

Soap Whoops!