Monthly Archives: April 2009

I’m fairly sure that by now, every reader knows that I’m a Coffee Butter addict. Sometimes I think that I should start a Coffee Butter Addicts Anonymous group, because I’m positive that I’m not the only Coffee Butter addict in the world. Two years ago today, I was riding my bicycle and crashed into a [...]

Coffee Body Balm

I have this beautiful mold of a sitting dog that I was given by our R&D department and told to give to some lucky blog reader! I have random number generator. I’m going to enter all eligible comments for the Mother’s Day Gift Baskets into the generator and it will pick one of these comments [...]

Random Drawing for Mold

When taking a bath, have you ever wanted to have the benefits of adding oils that will help your skin, but at the same time you don’t want the oily ring that occurs around the tub? What is the point of taking a relaxing bath when you have to clean the tub after? I went [...]

Blooming Bath Oils

I’m so excited! We have a new flavor that we are testing here at MMS and we need your help! We have had requests for a Passion Fruit Flavor and we currently have two possible options. We are going to be sending out samples both flavor options and we need votes of which flavor is [...]

Flavor Testing at MMS

Today we are going to make a cold process soap with rose hip powder. This will be our coloring agent. Let’s make our regular test batch type of soap. If you missed the original week of cold process testing, you should look here. 6 ounces Hydrogenated Soy 5 ounces Coconut Oil 4 ounces Olive Oil 1 ounce Shea [...]

Cold Process Soap with Rose Hip Powder

Today I am going to demonstrate the Chunky Bath Fizzy recipe with a twist.  The Chunky Bath Fizzies recipe has been in our Recipes section for a long time.  Since I’ll focus on an old recipe, with new pictures, what was old is now new again.  Don’t overlook the Recipes Section.  There are valuable things [...]

Bath Fizzy Hearts