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Epsom Salts are magnesium sulfate.  They are used as a soak, help sore and achy muscles and increase magnesium absorption to the body. For the Valentine’s Day theme I am making layered salts for the Bath Salt Tubes. You will need Epsom Salt, Bath Salt Tubes, Purple Raspberry Color in the spray bottle from the January 19, [...]

Pink Layered Bath Salts

Have you ever wondered how we choose the fragrances that go into our catalog? There are several tests each prospective fragrance goes through to be possibly added to the catalog. The cold process soap test is the hardest test and one that most fragrances fail for one reason or another. A fragrance could seize [...]

Fragrance Testing at MMS

What if you don’t want bubbles or a fizzing bath but you want a nicely scented bath?  Bath salts can be your answer!  I’ll scent these Bath Salts with Punch Party Fragrance Oil and color them with Purple Raspberry.  Bath salts are also another great project to sit down and do with kids. #1  Collect the [...]

Bath Salts

I’ve talked about mixing colors with the Water Soluble Colorant Kit, but what about colors that aren’t in this kit? Today, we’ll blend green. Did you know that green is approximately 70% yellow and 30% blue? This means that I need to start blending colors at these percentages.  I’m going to find a color [...]

More Colors!

Have you wondered what we will do with the samples we make for this blog?  Once the samples are finished, I will place them in bags and affix a label similar to this orange one.  Then I’ll take them back to the shipping department to be sent out with orders.  The Bubble Bath samples were [...]

Samples made on the blog

Today, I’m going to show how you can mix a dye and keep the mixed dye ready for anything you want to do. We’re going to use the Water Soluble Colorant Kit for this post. #1 Collect everything that you need. Water Soluble Colorant Kit Water 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon (preferably metal) new paper, preferably kitchen parchment Paper towels [...]

Starting with Color