Finished Blueberry Lip Scrub We are going to start out the day by making a Fresh Blueberry Lip Scrub. After making that delicious Fresh Blueberry Lip Balm I want to try the Blueberry Flavor Oil in a lip scrub. I think that often people underestimate a lip scrub. They are awesome! I always use a lip [...]

Fresh Blueberry Lip Scrub

Finished Poodle Poof Hair Detangler
Finished Poodle Poof Hair Detangler   Today I am sharing a recipe for a hair detangler. Now you are probably wondering why the heck are we calling this Poodle Poof?! Call it what you want, but because this was originally made for a family with 5 golden doodle dogs, around here we call it Poodle Poof. Don’t [...]

Poodle Poof Hair Detangler

Memorial Day is coming up and this means a three day weekend for most people. No matter what your plans are this Memorial Day Weekend, we hope you have a great time and stay safe. So what does Memorial Day mean for your orders? Both the United States Post Office and UPS are closed during the [...]

Planning for Memorial Day

Label for Monster Away Spray
Label for Monster Away Spray Okay, so we recently released the Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil and it is fantastic! Katy promised that we would share how to make a room spray using the Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil so if you have been waiting for this blog, here it is! This fragrance is sweet, slightly tart and smells [...]

Fresh Strawberry Room Spray

Finished Massage Bar 3
Finished Massage Bar First of all, I have just got to say how much I love this massage bar. This massage bar not only passes the pocket test but it is also a joy to apply. Why? This massage bar glides across the skin smoothly AND it lays down the perfect amount of product. This massage [...]

Bermuda Kiss Massage Bar

Finished Honey Elixir Lip Gloss
Finished Honey Elixir Lip Gloss A few weekends ago, we had a chilly and rainy Saturday here in Cache Valley. I loved the watching the rain and how lush everything was outside my window but it was COLD! So I made chicken soup and hot dinner rolls with fresh honey butter. Dang! Those were some good [...]

Honey Elixir Lip Gloss – A Blast from the Past!

The gorgeous goodie bags that are being picked up at our table!
The gorgeous goodie bags that are being picked up at our table!Taylor and I have been having a blast at the Handmade Soap & Cosmetic Guild Conference this week. We’ve been giving away a little goodie bag to everyone who stops at our booth that features Katy’s Blueberry Lip Balm and a massage bar. This [...]

Massage Bars at the HSCG Conference

This label hints at the delights packaged within!
Making Bananas Foster Photo Credit The Pioneer Woman When I was a girl, my parents would plan the occasional special outing. I remember one restaurant in particular that we frequented until it closed. They had a mouth watering menu that I can only vaguely remember. One thing I have not forgotten is their desserts. They had [...]

Bananas Foster Lip Balm

Finished Summer Body Butter Stick For me, summer means that I am constantly on the go. There are campfires to sit around, trails to hike, lakes to splash in and grass to lounge on. It is really important that simple necessities can fit into my bag.  While I adore lotions the jars stay home on my [...]

Summer Body Butter Stick

Finished Summer Body Lotion 5
Finished Summer Body Lotion We are fast approaching the lazy days of summer and I am dreaming of piling into my hammock with a good book and a nice cool glass of lemonade. It may still be a bit chilly to sleep outside right now here in Northern Utah but it doesn’t mean it can’t be [...]

Lovely Body Lotion – Summer Edition

Okay, so I know this is a rather unusual blog for us but I just had to tell you that Andee and I have landed in Florida and we are so excited for the conference to begin. If you are here for the conference, we would love a chance to visit with you! Stop by [...]

Preparing for the HSCG Conference in Florida!

Finished Whipped Body Butter
Finished Whipped Body Butter I have made a few whipped body butters but I can find formulating them a little difficult. Too many soft oils and it deflates faster than a souffle. Adding items like beeswax and stearic acid can help keep those gorgeous peaks but can also leave a heavy, waxy feeling on the skin. [...]

Easy Whipped Shea Body Butter – Frosting Inspired