Do you have a traditional Thanksgiving pie? At our house, pecan pie is the hands-down favorite. I use a recipe taught to me by my Aunt Glad. The biggest difficulty is keeping my husband away from the pecans! He loves to snack on them as I’m making the pie. Personally, I prefer a lightly sweet [...]

Pie Day

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week of facial hair care products in support of men’s health. Please remember to visit The Movember Foundation online and learn more! The Copycat Beard Balm is in the larger tin at the right side of the photo. All the Movember series products are pictured: Beard Oil (in glass dropper bottle), Moustache [...]

Movember Beard Balm, Take 2

Fourth on the list of Things Men Need to Know and Do: Know thy nuts. Simple. Get to know what’s normal for your testicles. Give them a check regularly and go to the doctor if something doesn’t feel right. Testicular cancer is a real thing! Fun fact: There are between 10,000 and 20,000 hairs on a man’s face. [...]

Movember Beard Conditioner

Today is a colorful gift and you don’t want to miss it! For the rest of the year, get a free Oil Soluble Color with a purchase of any Lip Solutions. We’re giving you a Hobbyist size Oil Soluble Color of your choice with a purchase of any 0.63 lb jar and for those of you [...]

Day 39 Free Gift!

Beard Oil is a viral product! I see beard oils everywhere. Some men use beard oil on their mustaches also. It’s a great way to add a bit of shine, tone down any flyaway hairs, and impart a pleasant scent. Three on the list of Things Men Need to Know and Do: Know the numbers. At 50, men [...]

Movember Beard Oil

Happy holidays! This year, we’re celebrating you as our fellow adventurous makers and our loyal customers. I’d like to invite you to join us for our #40daysofgiving and a celebration of all the handcrafted makers out there. I’m starting with giving you a present that you can use for the rest of the year! For the rest [...]

40 Days of Freebies for YOU!

Even though the focus of Movember is mustaches (perhaps because “Bovember” just sounds funny?), we’ll also feature some beard products, since facial hair often goes past the ‘stache. But first, here’s the second thing on the list of Things Men Need to Know and Do: Have open conversations. You don’t need to be an expert, and [...]

Movember Beard Balm

We are proud to support the Movember Foundation with its focus on men’s health. According to the Movember Foundation, men die an average six years younger than women, and for reasons that are largely preventable. Which means that it doesn’t have to be that way: we can all take action to live healthier, happier and [...]

Movember Challenge

Finished tubes of lip balm ready for labels!
Today I wanted to start off with a super sweet lip balm. And I am not just talking about the taste! 😉 I’m super excited to make a honey flavored lip balm. Finished tubes of lip balm ready for labels! I really wanted to play with as our Rice Bran Wax and our Oat Oil since [...]

Love Never Tasted So Sweet Honey Lip Balm

Ever since I saw the vibrant color and got a whiff of the intense scent of our Orange Butter, I’ve been craving a chance to create a luxurious body butter. My first thought was to pair the Orange Butter with Illipe Nut Butter, one of our featured products. Illipe Nut Butter is a brittle butter [...]

Chocolate Orange Body Butter

Why does my heart start beating a bit faster when I flip my calendar from October to November? It’s because we are smack up against the holidays, and life is about to buck and spin me like a mechanical bull. I’ll just hang on until January, when everything devolves into dullness again. Now’s the time to [...]

Thanksgiving is Coming

It’s Halloween, and tonight the Great Pumpkin rides! We’ll close our office and warehouse at 2 p.m. MST today to allow our staff to get home before the streets are packed with little people (and big people, too!) making the rounds in search of treats. We’ll be back at 8 a.m. tomorrow ready to process all [...]

Closing Early Today