The finished lip scrub.
The finished lip scrub. Today we made a spiced Orange Lip Scrub. It’s the middle of our winter, and my lips are chapped! I didn’t know what to do with my lips, so I asked for an idea to make my lips feel smoother. After I had tried lip scrub, I was surprised how great [...]

Spiced Orange Lip Scrub

It's time for a contest! 7
It’s time for a contest! One of our favorite uses for the Adventurous Makers Calendar is to record positive things and accomplishments for our year. I like to record when I’ve picked up my camera or processed photos. Tina likes to record the books she has finished as well as knitting projects that she has completed. So… [...]

It’s a Guessing Contest!

Mountain Ash berries covered in fresh snow. Each year northern Utah shows that we really do have 4 seasons. Sometimes I think we might have more (mud season, anyone?). Last week we returned to work with our magic wands and our expectations were to ship like crazy to get orders out the door. We did just that [...]

Emergency! Snow! Rain! Wind! Shipping Delays!

I am writing with great concern for all humans on this planet. Today I have received two different phone calls asking for MMS, not for Majestic Mountain Sage which is often shortened to MMS, but for a product called MMS. A bit of research on the Internet has me greatly alarmed. On Wikipedia, the connection [...]

MMS – a cure for cancer

Only a few of our free gifts! Which one has your name on it? Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Some of you may not know that we have a section of our catalog that contains Coffee, Teas, Books, and many other amazing things. These are products that you can actually get for free if you spend [...]

All About Our Free Gifts Program!

Finished bottles of Coconut Cream Bubble Bath.
Finished bottles of Coconut Cream Bubble Bath. Coconut Cream is one of my favorite fragrances. I love coconut, anything from Virgin Coconut Oil to Almond Joy’s ™. I’ve seen a few articles say that coconut is excellent for your skin and as well as other things. I can’t guarantee that, but this fragrance is just a [...]

Coconut Cream Bubble Bath

Finished Tassi Lavender Soap With the many projects that we do in the blog kitchen, we sometimes end up with a bunch of partial bottles of fragrance oils. This collection is why all of the truckers who walk into our facility comment on how lovely it smells in our warehouse! Since it is the new year, [...]

Tassi Lavender in Melt and Pour Soap

Finished Face Cream Winter is the perfect time to sit by the roaring fireplace and dream of exotic locations where the sun is warm and there are sandy beaches just waiting for you to lounge in their picturesque embrace. Ok, I’ll admit it. I am a dreamer and a romantic but I truly love being toasty [...]

Tropical Vacation Facial Cream

Today is January 2nd! YAHOOOO! We are excited to be back from our holiday break. We have missed you so much. Today we are scrambling to get orders out the door and on their way to you. If we miss your call today it is because so many of us are working to carry items [...]

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go!

The new year is almost here! I would like to thank you for supporting us in 2016 and extend our pledge to wow you in 2017. If you are out and about to ring in the new year we want you to travel safely, have a great time and get a designated driver. Enjoy!

The New Year is almost here!

Finished Facial Cream Today I am sharing with you a recipe for a Light Ladies Facial Cream. I feel as if the skin on my face is always changing. One week I will be so dry I’m peeling and the next week I feel like I got slapped in the face with a whole pizza. So [...]

Light Ladies Facial Cream

Photo Courtesy of Yu Yang During the course of my lifetime, the shipping/packaging industry has changed a lot. As consumers request sturdier packaging and greener shipping options, things change. I feel like we have made great strides on the materials we use to ship our packages out. However, we still receive packages with materials such as [...]

Recycling at the MMS Facility