Finished tins of Oh My Butter!
Last October, I ran a 10-day Soft Skin Challenge and I was asked for a different recipe without Lanolin. After making my test batches, losing and finding the recipe not twice, but three times, I finally got a chance to get into the blog kitchen to make this exciting recipe with you. Finished tins of Oh [...]

Oh My Butter! An Exciting Challenge for Soft Skin

A finished jar of Calendula Salve.
As summer winds down, we need to think about our skin. I live in Alaska, and there is nothing that Alaskans love more than the sun! We wring every drop of living out of our long summer days, basking in the glow of sunshine and working like mad to get all our outdoor projects done [...]

Fall is almost here! Treat your skin with Calendula Salve

Autumn is coming to the river. 2
Someone hand me a paddle, I’m floating the river Denial! (Say it out loud – De Nile – get it?) I’m not ready for summer to end, but in the far northern latitudes of Alaska where I live, it’s pretty much done. Labor Day is upon us, and we at MMS will join in the great [...]

Labor Day and Planning Ahead

Cucumber Melon Fragrance was not something that enticed me when it began flooding the market of body care products. I was not sure what I’d think about Cucumber Melon Flavor. After making a luxurious lip balm using Shea Butter Lip Solutions base flavored with Cucumber Melon, I tentatively swiped a tiny amount over my bottom lip. [...]

Flavor Oil Review: Cucumber Melon

Finished jars of lip balm with cute labels! 4
I love making body care gifts for friends and family – the recipients are always so impressed! But I am terrible at planning ahead. Inevitably, I decide about mid-November that I will make lip balms or body scrubs or soap for Christmas gifts. Or I get myself overbooked with life and don’t have time to [...]

Quick and Easy Gifts featuring the Gift Kits

Beautiful Mountain View It makes me so sad to think that summer is already coming to an end. It feels as though summer just started! We are going to take a little extra time off to give the summer one last hurrah! We are going to close on Friday August 31st. This gives all the crew [...]

One Last Summer Bash

A few weeks ago I had a chat with Susan. She called about Litsea Cubeba. She was worried about a bottle of essential oil she had received from us and thought the scent was off. As we chatted about Litsea Cubeba, and all other natural products, the changes in a natural product became the focus [...]

My Chat with Susan – Natural Variation?

If I had you at “I’m blue” and you started to sing, then I have even better news today. Get a free 2 oz jar of Ultramarine Blue just by having an order with a product total over $ 100 today AND writing BLUE in the comments field of your order. This offer is only good [...]

I’m Blue! Get Free Ultramarine Blue – today only!

The summer heat is here and a little relief is needed!
Are you melting? Let me give you some relief! Relief for your pocketbook that is! I have a perfectly timed coupon code for you to use on your next order. Here are all the details! The summer heat is here, and a little relief is needed! This fabulous discount code will save you 5% on orders over [...]

It’s Time for Summer Heat Relief!

No Sir'ee Bob's partially used tin of paw balm next to his foot.
Happy Wednesday! I’m looking forward to heading to the farmers’ market on Saturday with my dog, No Sir’ee Bob. My favorite vendors are the ones that offer vegetable produce for my kitchen, and No Sir’ee Bob’s favorite vendors are the ones who offer canine hydration stations (water bowls) or edible foods that he might eat. No [...]

The Dog Days of Summer – Part 5

Burrs tangled in dog fur.
In my last Dog Days of Summer post, I shared our favorite Poodle Poof recipe to help with detangling your furry friends. I’ve discovered that while Poodle Poof helps remove lightly tangled burrs, it takes more than I’d like to remove burrs that are snarled and matted in. This is where today’s recipe steps in! Burrs [...]

The Dog Days of Summer – Part 4

My finished wash cloths with a wash basin my grandmother used and an old box of Scotch Cleanser. 6
You can read about upcycling in every magazine and on every blog. Upcycling is a way of making a new use from a product that may be discarded. Recycling is a way of turning an existing product into another usable item. Using a spaghetti sauce jar as a button jar is an upcycle, sending the [...]

How can soap makers upcycle?