Our UPS guy is super excited about getting your boxes on their way to you! This is a UPS Service Disruption Alert. Severe weather in Kentucky and West Virginia has caused delays in packages being delivered and/or moving though the distribution hubs. UPS is working hard to continue service but they are also prioritizing the safety [...]

UPS Service Disruption Alert!

Finished Silky Smooth After Shave Lotion
Finished Silky Smooth After Shave Lotion Yesterday I released a recipe for a Silky Smooth Shave Cream. Today I am going to share with you a recipe for an After Shave Lotion to go with that shaving cream. I wanted a lotion that went on thick but left you feeling softer than a babies bum and [...]

Silky Smooth After Shave Lotion

Finished Shave Cream
Finished Shave Cream Welcome to summer! The craziness has begun here at MMS and I have missed you all these last couple days. So I am back with a fun summer project. With summer here it’s time for lazy days on the beach. Unfortunately for us girls that means shaving your legs. UGH! I know we [...]

Silky Smooth Shave Cream

I love how these labels turned out! 2
I love how these labels turned out! Good morning folks! Today’s recipe is for a tattoo stick. I’ve been using a tattoo salve on all of my tattoos for some time. I thought, “Hey, why don’t I make my own tattoo salve?” This is what I came up with! This is for use on tattoos that [...]

Ink Polish Tattoo Stick – Brighten your Old Tattoos!

I love the label our Graphics Department designed!
I love the label our Graphics Department designed! There is just something refreshing about a cool glass of lemonade and with the days heating up, a cool beverage is required! I love how you can dress up a simple glass of lemonade with in-season fruit. It is just so easy and it tastes really good too! [...]

Blueberry Lemonade Lip Balm

Letting soap sit
Finished Father’s Day Soap Yesterday we made the essential oil blend for today’s soap. It smells so good and I can’t wait to make today’s soap. The blend is woodsy, masculine, clean and fresh. I can’t wait to share a bar with my own father.  I am very happy with how this bar smells and I [...]

Soap for Father’s Day – Clean and Masculine

Finished Essential Oil Blend 3
Finished Essential Oil Blend I love all kinds of scented products. Perfumes, potpourri, lotions, body scrubs, etc. If it is scented, I am almost guaranteed to love it. That being said, I am funny in that I like my soaps to have a clean scent. Masculine, feminine or unisex, soap scents all need to smell fresh [...]

Building a Scent Blend for Soap

Filled jars of cooled Peach Body Cream. 4
Filled jars of cooled Peach Body Cream.When I have about 20-30 minutes available to play in the blog kitchen, I love to make lotions. It is a fun and quick project that replenishes my lotion & creams stash, allows me to help make sure my “guinea pig” (one of our programmers) has moisturized arms, and [...]

The Greatest Peach Body Cream

I love using my imagination to transform my humble bathroom into the perfect spa getaway. The right music and right scents go a long way to creating a spa like ambience. I’ll even go so far as to dim the lights to complete the transformation. Today I wanted to create an easy body scrub that [...]

Crocus Body Polish – A Spa Story

Finished Tutti Fruitti Smoothie Lip Balm I love fruit smoothies. They are so easy to do and with the help of my blender, fast too. So when I was chatting with a friend and her daughter in a book store and she mentioned blending orange and pineapple together, I immediately thought of my trusty blender. What [...]

Tutti Fruitti Smoothie Lip Balm

Tropical Dreams Body Lotion
Tropical Dreams Body Lotion Having spent some time in Florida for the HSCG Conference, I now have tropical getaways on my mind. I keep thinking about all of the amazing wildlife we got to see and wishing there had been time to visit a beach. Alas it was not to be on this particular trip and [...]

Tropical Dreams Body Lotion

Salted Lemonade Lip Scrub 4
Salted Lemonade Lip Scrub Alright. So there are days I like to consider myself fairly adventurous when it comes to food. So when I saw a recipe online for a Salted Lemonade, I was both horrified and curious. Salt? With lemonade? Say it isn’t so! Well, I just had to try it. The first time I [...]

Salted Lemonade Lip Scrub